Confessions of an Obsessed Non Die Hard Movie Person : Devious Maids

Devious Maids

There’s nothing more annoying than a slow browser. You know those ones that don’t understand how bad you really really really want to download a movie or a series. Now I’m not a die hard movie person or something but once something’s got my attention.. let’s say things can get pretty serious.

My story began pretty much this week. So its hols yeah.. a short one I must say and I was bored like serious. Going through my laptop I find out I have two movies I haven’t seen ( 2 movies out of the 5 movies I have) so I decided movie it is. After watching ” The Heat” and “Stand Up Guys” let’s say it began. I was so excited that I had to tell somebody! What added to the excitement was that I had just seen an Al Pacino movie ( yes that was my 1st.. haven’t seen “The Godfather” or “Scarface” GO AHEAD AND JUDGE ME)..because just the day before I had looked him up on Google and decided I had to see one of his movies. I had to tell someone.. I was that excited and I opened my big mouth to tell Gbemi ( yes you I said.. its partially your fault). So there I was sharing with him my “experience” ( and I can TYPE when I have that urge) I think I wrote him a book or something. And instead of being happy for me (smh..  what a friend) he decided to be envious. Now this is a movie person type of guy.. action, drama, black and white movies.. he’s into it. Later that day he decided to tell me about some new series that his sister just got. Saying something about latino maids in Beverly Hills, one has a daughter who has feelings for her mother’s boss’s son, one maid gets killed, someone framed for the murder, someone going under cover, one sleeping with her boss.. things that just got me really interested. Then he was like you have to download it, watch it, its nice. Now I Google everything from meaning of words, to lyrics( yes I check out the lyrics before I download the song) , to movies, to people, to places, to nail polish, to tumblr usernames, to fashion trends.. to whatever just name it

Hi I’m Olivia and I’m a Google/ Wikipedia addict.

So after Google had given me the assurance that I needed, I set out to download this Devious Maids. I tried different websites.. any website. I sent messages to people I haven’t spoken to in months just to get a website.. I even ask my bestie ( Chuchu I love you and I’m sorry I used you like that) to ask the guy who was on her case what website I could use. Most  of them either took forever ( when I say forever I really mean FOREVER.. imagine one whole hour just to download episode 1.. 1 o and season 1 has 13 episodes!) or re-directed me to another website or to some page on how to get quick money from the comfort of your couch.. like wt… And it went deeper .. deeper and deeper and I couldn’t stop ( I still cannot stop!) I’m obsessed! I must download the entire season! I used to live a happy boring life! (Okay that was too far.. the boring life isn’t all that rainbow and unicorns filled so .. moving on). Of course I had to ( and have to) blame someone. So I blamed Gbemi and I’m still blaming him for doing this to me.. it should be some type of abuse and being the annoying unbearable friend that he can be ( he’s also my shrink when the need arises) he says I sound like he made me steal an artefact from a museum and I got caught and have to go to jail. Not only has he finished season 1 of Devious Maids.. he asks ” Have you heard of Witches of East End? Oh sorry talking about movies reminds you of your download predicament” .. imagine the guts

Now I have to face the fact that its either my stupid browser’s slow or the web hates me. And truthfully I vote for the latter. So I’m sitting down here  thinking.. maybe not today , maybe not tomorrow but Devious Maids shall be mine to see.



  1. LOOOOL!!!! Leevya! Your entry or whatchamacallit had me laughing loudly and banging on the table! U go girl!! I can’t really relate with bad browsers for movie downloading but I still remember when I tried to watch the ‘nae nae’ dance, it buffered so badly!! And right now, the way Airtel’s network is dissapearing and reappearing ehn, I am sure that it playing ‘ojuju calabar’ with my phone. Am so proud of your silly ass *stands up to show this to a friend*

  2. I watched season one! What a coincidence, just finished it actually. Its addictive. And i never used to watch tv, now i’m hooked. Why don’t you just watch it online? I have sources for that. And if you have to have it downloaded, you can get plugins that will download the video once you have it open. But, unless you have like 4g LTE internet, its gonna be slow.

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