I’ll sit here
I won’t say anything
You don’t listen when I speak, you pretend you don’t hear me
When you listen it’s just for a few seconds
Is it because you don’t have answers to my questions? Or am I just an amusement, something to while away time?
I’m supposed to laugh when you want me too, speak when you talk to me
When you don’t need me I dwell in my silence
Silence so loud it deafens me
My thoughts won’t let me sleep at night, my questions won’t let me live
You sleep at night, you live life
You tell me about the beautiful dreams you have
All I can do is listen, isn’t that what I’m supposed to?
Re telling those dreams to myself when I’m alone, something to fill the void
Pretending you don’t hear me makes you feel less quilty doesn’t it?
Anything that let’s you sleep at night I guess
I won’t beg you to listen, No not again
I’ll just sit down here
And pretend I don’t hear you when you speak
When you ask me I’ll say nothing, but I won’t listen to you
You wanted a puppet? You got it
I’ll sit down here
Maybe dream a little…


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