Its late in the evening

You can hear voices downstairs on the street

Store owners are packing their wares

Passersby hurrying to get to their various destinations before night fall, cars honking to get pass

For some the day was just beginning

“Ngwa Vin, we’re going.  We will see later”

Farewells are exchanged while we go down the stairs

“Kachifo” , let the day break

We will live to see the next day

The day will break, tomorrow will come

What we couldn’t do today we will do tomorrow

Our tomorrow will be better than today

We will be well, our children will be well

We will have no cause to cry at night

As the night will pass and morning will come, so will our sorrows and pain go with the night

Kachifo lu gi

Kachifo lu m

Let the day break for us



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