Ordinary People


We’re the people you see in the markets, the people you see walking on the streets

We’re the people you shook last Sunday during the Sign of Peace, remember you welcomed us to church

We’re the people that sit next to you in a bus

If you look closer you’ll see us

We work together, we live on the same street

We look for a shade to stand under when it raining, we were the ones that made space for you too

We’re the ones you met at that party

If you try harder you’ll remember us

We had the same 10am class on Tuesday

We’re the people you met at the bar yesterday evening, we bonded over a bottle of beer while talking about the government

We share a house, we share a bed

We were the ones that made funny faces at your 4months old baby, remember he had his fist in his mouth drooling while laughing

We held the door open for you, we helped you fix your broken pipe

If you stop and look around for a second you’ll see us

We don’t want much

Just say “hello” once in a while, a “thank you” will be appreciated

“Have a nice day” would make our day

Smile at us, it puts us more at ease

When you shake our hands, hold it for 5 more seconds

Don’t judge us, our past does not define us

Pray for us, treat us with a liltte bit more respect

I’m an ordinary person, so are you. And the person next to you

It’s the extra that makes us extraordinary



  1. There’s just something about this one I love. Maybe cause it just rings true. Leevya!! 5 gbo gbo for you! Make sure to contunu in this path o. Oh and d’you know Cobham’s ‘Ordinary people?’ Iss nice, not exactly related sha, but nice. Keep making me proud 😀 :p

    1. Thanks!! I was actually listening to the song when I wrote this.. I love it I love it I love it.. Never knew he had such an amazing voice On Oct 13, 2014 1:10 AM, “oge's blog” wrote:


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