The First Time You Find Love

Stuck In Perpetual Soliloquy

So you’re 16, 17 or 18 when you finally have THE epiphany that will probably change your life forever. You realize that you need a companion. No, not your niggars or your “boys-boys” (sometimes it feels like they’ve been with you since before you were born) but a special person. Someone who laughs at your jokes and makes you feel like Kevin Hart; that person who makes you have this really weird but wonderful feeling of happiness and whose joie de vivre is infectious; someone who makes you want to use that most possessive of pronouns, “mine”.

You don’t know what triggered this epiphany. Was it seeing that nerd holding hands with Joyce, the class beauty queen, or being smiled at by that pretty girl who’s just moved into the neighborhood or being completely fascinated by someone you may never have even noticed before. The how doesn’t matter tho because…

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