12:30 am


Childish. Skeptical
Overly independent. Clingy
Free spirited. Jealous
I’ve never fully understood how this works.

“Let me tell you something, don’t look at me like I’m crazy “
You’ll wake up one day, you would leave
Tired. Patience worn out. Fed up
I won’t blame you if you feel more

“Don’t argue, listen”
I’ll watch you leave
I won’t fight. I won’t argue. I won’t cry
Not because I don’t want to but because  I can’t keep you
You can’t keep a flower alive if you don’t water it
Beautiful things are meant to die. We all will die someday.
But before we die, we must live a good life.
A life full of memories.
Regrets. Happiness.
I’ll rather be your regret and watch someone else be your happiness
Than watch you die because I can’t be your happiness
So before you die. Because we all will die someday
Let someone be your happiness

“But… ”
You might still be here, for another week
A week or two. Or more.
You’re my happiness, though it may seem otherwise
But if you ever leave, let me be the regret you are happy you made.



  1. This is how I feel about love, I’d rather watch you happy with someone else than miserable with me.
    You’ve inspired me this morning, I might write a little poem based on it

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