Happy (2nd) Anniversary with WordPress.com!


This wasn’t planned. At all.

WARNING : What you’re about to read I had no control over I just lost it

After posting my previous post I decided to ‘hang around’, read other blogs and surf the web. Then I decided to check a blog http://www.yellowigbogirl.wordpress.com hoping it had been miraculously restored. Don’t bother clicking on it, it’s been deleted ;(

Then I got a notification

“Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”
I knew it was almost two years ago I started this blog, sometime in August. I just didn’t know it was today. So *clears throat* ama giving a speech
I toyed with the idea of starting a blog for months before registering on WordPress. One fine day, during one on my normal internet waka, I stumbled on someone’s twitter page @Chiamaka.O (sorry o, have I ever mentioned that I’m a stalker? Thou I like to refer to it as been a big fan 🙂 ). So Chiamaka.O had a WordPress account which was http://www.yellowigbogirl.wordpress.com . And I remember vividly, her blog said ” Yellow Igbo Girl You Know You Love Me”.
She was a Chimamanda Adichie groupie, she was Igbo, she was funny. I thought her posts were amazing. Her opinion concerning love, relationships, life, her natural hair, inter-racial relationships. She wrote amazing short stories, one of my favourite was Diary Of A Single Nigerian Girl: “She who eats kpomo with her eyes open, must be really brave or really stupid” . It sounds unrealistic but it’s a beautiful story and funny as hell. Not to talk about the one were a girl was tempted to feed her boyfriend poisoned spaghetti. She found out at the saloon that he had a sugarmumy, the source of his wealth. So she cooked for him and sat down to watch him eat . Just before he did, she knocked it out of his hands and told him she had added ‘otapaipai’ as a spice. She took her bag and walked away leaving him with his ‘near death experience’
Occasionally , I would check for updates, any new post. After a while, I opened a WordPress account. For months I didn’t post anything, all I would do was read her posts. I never felt what I had was good enough to post or for people to read. I felt it had to be written a certain way. One thing I learnt from Chiamaka.O was to write it how you felt. You can add your own side comments. Make it really funny. Your titles don’t have to be so serious like you’re reading the newspaper. Only you can tell your story the way you wanted to.
Another gloomy day, during my usual check up her blog was nowhere to be found, it had been deleted. That day it rained. (I don’t think it actually rained but if I say it rained it m*********ing rained in my heart). I checked her twitter, also gone. It was like she had fallen off the face of the Earth. So I told myself different reasons why she disappeared. Maybe she has a website now. Maybe she took a year off to go discover herself. Maybe she decided to take time off to do something!!!!
But where ever she is,hopefully one day I’ll be travelling and I’ll see that book, the one she was working on. And I’ll buy it and read it. I’m not Chimamanda Adichie or Chiamaka.O but I do hope that one day someone would read all my ramblings and want to tell his or her story
I know I don’t write often (hopefully that would change) but.. lemme say a few things before the curtain call
First, for everything that I write Lord, you only knows how they get into my head
Everyone who has ever read my blog + commented + liked + reblogged, I luhhhhhhh you to the moon and back I swear
Everyone who I follow and you follow me, l admire you, I want to be like you when I grow up
Bam bam, Pelumi.J (okay Lumss) , Pelumi.L, Gbemi my (personal shrink) for never  getting tired of asking the same question errrrrry single time “When last did you post something” or saying “Olivia you need to write some thing” . Eysss, I luh you too, (Lumss .. dead guy)
Nat_4short, mariaslane.wordpress we gon make money off this shit one day like them sports people
He who helped me pick ‘ogesmemoirs’ ..daalu
Oh my gois , I’m so emotional right now, like I never hexperred such love
I have the best friends in the whole wide world, I’m just saying thou
My baby girls
St. Claire/Eunice/ soakedinblvck.wordpress.com
Awon fans mi!
Elite9ja.blogspot.com I still owe you that post . Thank you
My mamaaaaaaa
Chiamaka.O for inspiring, daalu
Muah muah mauh mauh mauh
Thank you.. daalu (as I speak only English and Igbo nko)
Forgive my J.Cole moment , this feels like my Forrest Hills Drive moment here
Dear Ms Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, we should have a conversation, like in a bookstore over a cup of tea (ice cream and cake would be preferable) or in my garden (I don’t have one. Yet). In fact lemme make it easier just think about adopting me, it doesn’t have to be full time. Or if you have a daughter ‘Chimdindu’ is a perfect name. 8 years and still counting. My #WCE!!!!!!
And of course WordPress, thank you for flying with me too. I’ll keep on the good blogging
I promise I’m done this time
Sorry o, publishing houses can drop their emails and I’ll send a mail. I mean we could set up a meeting or something. Or have tea in my garden.
Last one, I just found Chiamaka.O !!!! *shakiti bobo* http://www.yellowibogirl.wordpress.com see the ‘g’ was removed. Today started well
Oh and you can read Diary Of A Single Nigerian Girl: “She who eats kpomo with her eyes open, must be really brave or really stupid” here http://yellowigbogirl.tumblr.com/page/2 andddddddd photo credit , you’ll see.


  1. My Sweetheart, i stumbled upon your post. Life happened, hence the disappearance. Life is still happening, hence my inability to update frequently. Maybe i’m back for good this time 😉

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