Dark Clouds


The clouds are dark
The wind and the zinc are having a conversation
Nobody seems to understand, the wind is howling
Women hurrying to pack the clothes on the line, one woman picks up her child brown with dirt
He begins to cry, today is not the day he shall explore the wonders of this earth
Children abandon their play at the sound of their mother’s voice
Mmiri cho izo
The clouds are dark
The sun has taken cover, fire and water are not best of friends
The rain is coming
The wind has warned the zinc, the zinc will protect the house
When the rain comes it would water the land
Every green thing shall grow, our harvest will be plenty
Then the sun would reappear
The ogene would be beaten, so would the drums
We shall have a feast  we would dance till our feet hurt
But first, the clouds are dark
Let the rain fall



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