Blogger Recognition Award




So earlier this month, Damiloves nominated me for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. I woke up to a notification and I almost cried, literally. Nominations like this, the likes and comments are very encouraging. Tbh, I have a screenshot of some comments and whenever I’m having one of my days/phase , I just go back and read them and yes sometimes I cry. Getting so much love and support from people I don’t know and I might never meet literally makes my day. And so Dami, thank you very much for this. I luhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you!

So this are her requirements for accepting this award

1.Write a post to show the award

This is it! Read up, then read down.

2. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you

I received this during a mild period and what I saw was Oge.O  words that will make you think so imagine how you made me feel. 5x! So thank you again for nominating.

Dami’s blog is amazing by the way, if you haven’t checked it out do so at

3. Give a brief story about how you started blogging.

HEADLINE: I have an unexplainable love affair with words.

From the Enid Blyton and Ladybird books, I had always wanted to write. About three years ago or more I decided to start a blog, but it took me about a year thinking to myself what will I write, what will I name it ,will people read it, will I be good enough , how will I write it. It was about this time that I found through twitter and began stalking Chiamak.O ‘s blog (yellowibogirl)  ‘ Diary of An Igbo Girl’. Sometime in August/September 2013 I started ogesmemoirs

I haven’t been much of a consistent blogger ,but so far I think we’ve been good 🙂

4. Give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers

Nobody can tell your story better than you do so just be yourself.When writing some articles it might feel like you’re letting yourself to be bare for people who don’t understand you to judge you. But you never know who’s story you’re telling, you never know who’s feelings you just helped put in words.

Be inspired by others. I can be here almost every day and only post once in two weeks or a month, because sometimes I want to read other blogs. I want to know what they feel. I have blogs that I literally stalk and have screenshots of your posts. Connect with other people, encourage them in the littlest ways.

5. Nominate 15 bloggers

Wooooooo *rubs hands* this is just a few. Take time out to read and enjoy!

  1. Idea Dibia  , no matter how long it takes I’ll wait
  2. YellowIboGirl, see my blogger crush!
  3. Soaked in Blvck
  4. Bisii Adedun
  5. Chynanu’s Blog
  6. Tomi
  7. Stuck in Perpetual Soliloquy
  8. iCandid
  9. DamiLoves
  10. Baantu’s Blog, Minded Mindless Musings
  11. Nijava’s Blog
  12. Maria
  13. Adichie Babz
  14. Idle Head
  15. Pelumi O.




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