Poetry Attempts

One Day

Nne m, I’m restless 

I want to tell your stories, I want to tell our stories

My pen is blunt and my tongue heavy

But these stories will be told

Truths reveled , sworn secrets exposed 

All hell will be let loose

Promise me one thing Nne

That when your truth is reveled, my truth reveled 

That I can still sit by your feet and rest my head on your laps 

Rub my back til I fall asleep and call me nne m



For those who we can sit down with, open ourselves to old and new things

For those who accept their imperfections and our imperfections 

For those who accept a total stranger from Nigeria with an immense show of love 

For him who is not afraid to speak his truth 

For her who is far from home but building a home 

For teaching a young girl that she too can speak to a spirit 

That one cold night with words accompanied by soothing sounds ,  is what she carries continually with her 

                                      – thank you 

Back to Life, Back to Hope

When you sit down hugging your knees rocking  yourself

With tears running down your cheeks

You silently call on someone, anyone to help you

But your voice is slightly above a whisper

Baby girl, talk your way through it

Say it with me “I’ll be fine”

Say it slowly, repeatedly

And when depression tries to mock your growing faith

Shake your head and say it loudly “I’ll be fine!” repeatedly

In that dark corner, in your room, in your closet, on your bathroom floor

In your mind

Hugging your knees with tears on your face

Rock yourself back to life, back to hope

Nne ama m , but speak life to yourself

Tell depression “I’ll be fine!”
– for September 10


Fast forward to an exhibition

You’ll walk around unusual art

Holding a glass of wine with an appearance to keep

Until you walk by one

The predilection is intense

It stirs up something
Fast forward to months later in your home

You’ll walk around your collection

Holding a glass of wine with no appearance to keep

Everything’s unraveling itself

You’ll walk by one

And be reminded that just like the art , you are unusual

Unusually beautiful

The Fuck Art Exhibition

Artist: Ifedoyin Shotunde

IG: Ifedoyin_s


I’m lying down next to a man
He don’t love me no more
He thinks about her when he’s eating my food
He talks about her with his head on my laps
Į maa na,  he whispers her name in his sleep
I fall asleep to the sound of my man calling for another
He looks at me every morning
Those eyes..
I’m searching but I end up lost
Nne, this night I will lie next to a man
He don’t love me no more



I dare you to fall in love
To feel something unexplainable
Only the brave allow themselves to feel that way
Willingness to tread on a darkened path, unsure of what lies ahead
To carry the weight of someone’s trust
To make their flaws perfect in your eyes
The kind of feeling that calms your wandering mind
To dwell on the existence of another person
To make someone your antidote
Then something you swear you can live without
Becomes what you thirst for
Trying to keep still when all you want to do is dance
Do we dare fall in love
Do I dare fall in love
Or aren’t we all brave enough

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Dark Clouds


The clouds are dark
The wind and the zinc are having a conversation
Nobody seems to understand, the wind is howling
Women hurrying to pack the clothes on the line, one woman picks up her child brown with dirt
He begins to cry, today is not the day he shall explore the wonders of this earth
Children abandon their play at the sound of their mother’s voice
Mmiri cho izo
The clouds are dark
The sun has taken cover, fire and water are not best of friends
The rain is coming
The wind has warned the zinc, the zinc will protect the house
When the rain comes it would water the land
Every green thing shall grow, our harvest will be plenty
Then the sun would reappear
The ogene would be beaten, so would the drums
We shall have a feast  we would dance till our feet hurt
But first, the clouds are dark
Let the rain fall

Ordinary People


We’re the people you see in the markets, the people you see walking on the streets

We’re the people you shook last Sunday during the Sign of Peace, remember you welcomed us to church

We’re the people that sit next to you in a bus

If you look closer you’ll see us

We work together, we live on the same street

We look for a shade to stand under when it raining, we were the ones that made space for you too

We’re the ones you met at that party

If you try harder you’ll remember us

We had the same 10am class on Tuesday

We’re the people you met at the bar yesterday evening, we bonded over a bottle of beer while talking about the government

We share a house, we share a bed

We were the ones that made funny faces at your 4months old baby, remember he had his fist in his mouth drooling while laughing

We held the door open for you, we helped you fix your broken pipe

If you stop and look around for a second you’ll see us

We don’t want much

Just say “hello” once in a while, a “thank you” will be appreciated

“Have a nice day” would make our day

Smile at us, it puts us more at ease

When you shake our hands, hold it for 5 more seconds

Don’t judge us, our past does not define us

Pray for us, treat us with a liltte bit more respect

I’m an ordinary person, so are you. And the person next to you

It’s the extra that makes us extraordinary


Its late in the evening

You can hear voices downstairs on the street

Store owners are packing their wares

Passersby hurrying to get to their various destinations before night fall, cars honking to get pass

For some the day was just beginning

“Ngwa Vin, we’re going.  We will see later”

Farewells are exchanged while we go down the stairs

“Kachifo” , let the day break

We will live to see the next day

The day will break, tomorrow will come

What we couldn’t do today we will do tomorrow

Our tomorrow will be better than today

We will be well, our children will be well

We will have no cause to cry at night

As the night will pass and morning will come, so will our sorrows and pain go with the night

Kachifo lu gi

Kachifo lu m

Let the day break for us