Words We Wrote At Night #6

Lota kwa, remember 

You do not find refuge in a collapsed house

You do not peel the scabs off old wounds

You do not unbury the dead
You do not chase uncertainty without care

This isn’t how you heal nne 


Words We Wrote At Night #5

These emotions came in waves

I’ve been in these waters too long

I’ve swallowed so much it’s beginning to choke me

So I’m rising above it

It’s not high , neither is it low

But nna m, m na’efe fe

I’m flying

Photo Credit : IG: @spiritedpursuit .

Her journey is inspiring and so are her posts

Words We Wrote at Night #4

I want to loathe you

I want to bleed and paint you a picture of the misery you made me feel

Feel this pain ten times

But my weakness has become my strength

I look at you and silently pray for you

That it will be well with you

Nna m , believe me

What I feel for you is far from hate but it certainly isn’t love

– forgiveness
đź“· : Diego IG: @diqueku

It’s not just photography, it’s art

Kamsiyonna #2


That night

Everything you have been keeping inside that has been hurting you

You would let it all out

And you tell yourself your daughter will never feel this way

Never, mba

You won’t allow it

But the next day, you would wake up breathing a different air

An air of reassurance

You would put on a pretty dress, apply your make up carefully

That scent behind your ears, between your cleavage

Nne, they don’t want to know what’s underneath this dress

No longer do you feel hurt

No longer will you carry anger within you

Wearing a knowing smile and swaying those hips

Your process of letting go has just began …


Image : Wynter Gordon. Beautiful face, beautiful voice

IG : @wyntergordon


The day your brain registers his scent and you can tell he’s behind you without looking back

You have fallen for him

When you close your eyes and his smile haunts you

His laughter makes you laugh

There’s no going back

You have chosen the love that would hurt you

The day he leaves, you would cry

You would feel stupid for holding on for too long

You would remember you’re not the type believe in fairytales

The day he calls, you would feel nothing but disgust

After a while, that disgust will turn into love

And your tragic love story will repeat itself

But remember

No matter how many times he or his type waltz in and out of your life

Nwa mummy ka i bu

You’ll be fine, you’ll come out of it more than fine

You’re one of the strongest people I know