How To Make (S@#T) Lemonade.

This is  a very cliché post.



A very upside down post too.

So I was going through old pictures to pick a new desktop background and I stumbled on pictures I took  last year at Venice Beach with my cousin. At the same time I had a thought going through my head that I was going to discuss with a friend. Starting afresh or being far from what is familiar can be very scary. Is very scary actually. We know this for a fact, but still it doesn’t prepare you for it.

The changes that have happened in my life I honestly did not see coming. Enjoyable and heart wrenching changes that we have come to appreciate regardless. At this current point in my life, I’m trying out new things. I’m meeting new people. I’m feeling hurt from being detached from certain things and people that I’ve gotten used to. I’m letting myself feel things that I would not allow usually. I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone, slowly.  I’m accepting me the way me is. It’s not a ‘new year, new me’ thing . It wasn’t planned. No.  Another example of “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”. Now there are some positivity in this.  But being the person that I am, I still stop mid way and ask myself  “Are you really sure this is how you make lemonade?” , but after the doubt what’s the worst that can happen? My lemonade will taste like s@#t but hey *shrugs* we tried didn’t we.

None of my choices in life will be perfect. I’ll make some mistakes more than once (already tested and proven). My emotions will be everywhere sometimes. Bottled up anger will spill open. And just when things seem to going on fine, a memory will resurfaced, be it enjoyable or heart wrenching  that might still bring up the question ” Are you sure you’re getting this right?” “Do you even have a damn clue?” . But we’ll  adjust just like we have being doing.

Either way enjoy life. Travel. Accept yourselves. Make mistakes. Be confused or feel lost. Keep adding gold stars to your Achievement Board. Be open minded. Fall in love. Fall on concrete ground too.


So here’s to lemons and making lemonade. Whether we put a 9yr old girl out of business or choke on our own poison.



So for my last post ‘Jigida’ I decided to take a few pictures since the ones I found on the internet were : 

1. A little too explicit 

2. Lacked that  ‘je ne sais quoi’ 

So I decided to take pictures myself. 

After my brief ‘photog’ moment, the post picture was chosen and I was left with a couple more. So decided to share them here
So featuring: 

Beads – mine 

Back drop- my mother’s materials that I wished I own and still hope I own

The pictures were taken with a phone camera and some the Snapchat app.

Hope you enjoy them 😊


                                           – Oge.O ❤️